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Many businesses who turn to Microsoft AWS/Azure cloud seek the help of certified experts to manage it. But hiring a team of IT professionals to

access the resources, create the architectural design and handle security and operations can be difficult and time consuming.

Infycom's AWS/Azure Cloud Management Services is the answer for companies facing these problems. Infycom blends technology and automation with certified cloud experts and 24*7*365 support available so that you can get the most out of your cloud investment.


Why choose Infycom for AWS/Azure Cloud Managed Services?

  • Get built-in security and compliance

  • Maintain 100% uptime

  • Operating costs reduction by up to 40%

  • 24×7 Microsoft certified experts support

Maximize your AWS/Azure Investments:


Multi vendor Cloud-certified experts helps you to design, deploy and manage customized AWS/Azure cloud for maximum performance, reliability, 100% uptime and cost optimization.


Reduce Risks:


We have your back with less than 15 minutes response time. Our team proactively monitors your AWS/Azure cloud for any threats and risks.


Security and Compliance:

We maintain AWS/Azure security tools, conduct regular checks, and prepare for security and compliance audits.


At Infycom, we are committed to helping you make most out of your Azure investment while helping you drive undisrupted work continuity, reduce IT costs, faster go to market, or other desired business outcomes, along with:

  • Cloud Optimization for cost reduction on Azure billing– With Embee being a preferred technology partner for cloud optimization and cost savings, we can help you achieve up to 40% cost reduction without changing BOM or impacting your cloud performance.

  • Free Consultancy– Free Azure Consulting to mitigate security risks, reduce migration risks, faster deployment, and better user experience.



Avail our optimization services to reduce your spend and monetize your Azure investment like never!

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