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Increasing cloud adoption across industries is offering a due boost to the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

Reliance on CSPs is majorly being driven by organizations’ inability to manage all cloud-related tasks in-house.

This has eventually given rise to the ‘Cloud Managed Services’ trend in the US.

The ‘Cloud Managed Services’ offer you a comprehensive cloud management support by handing over the complete responsibility of your cloud operations to Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Build and run your serverless application to obtain greater capacity and flexibility:

  • IaaS/SaaS/Paas

  • Big Data

  • AI/ML

  • IoT

  • Multicloud

Andersen determines and implements the best migration strategy to conduct a transition to the cloud:

  • Security strategy creation.

  • Large databases migration.

  • Application re-hosting

  • Application re-architecting

Wi Fi wireless concept. Free WiFi networ

To reduce overall cloud expenses, we evaluate your existing cloud infrastructure and identify overprovisioning or under-utilized resources:

  • Architecture Audit: Identify high-risk issues in your workloads. Our experts help you build fail-safe, better performing, and more efficient infrastructures for your applications.

  • Security Audit: We help in securing your infrastructure/application, conduction of infrastructure testing and detection of threats, providing control over vulnerabilities in the infrastructure

  • Cost Optimization.

  • Legacy infrastructure upgrade.

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