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Infycom offers co-location with associated cloud services for companies and organizations that want to place their own servers in a reliable environment.

Our team helps you build the right environment for the servers and IT infrastructure that you want to place in the data center and delivers the service in a way that meets and supports your business needs. We manage the operation so you can focus on your core business.

Hardware and Consumables:

With carefully selected network products, servers, computers and accessories from well-known suppliers, we meet your hardware requirements for your IT infrastructure so that you as a customer can focus on business goals and productivity.



We work with leading manufacturers and brands to be able to offer a wide range of software-based products and licenses. In the range, you will find business-useful programs that create added value for your company and meet your IT-related needs.


Infycom provides complete security solutions against virus attacks and other forms of malware. Clients are continuously monitored and updated daily to maintain the best possible protection against possible virus attacks, intrusions and other security-related problems.

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